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Over 40 years of service

Located on the Spokane Community College Campus (SCC)  in the Lair, the Stomping Grounds at SCC proudly supplies the academic community with textbooks, supplies and tools for the mind.  The Stomping Grounds is an institutional store that has served the community for over forty years.  The Stomping Grounds has adhered closely to its mission of providing goods and services at the lowest possible prices consistent with a sound business policy.  Its diverse selection of course materials, collegiate clothing and supplies reflects the wide variety of backgrounds and interests that make Spokane Community College a world-class institution.

We are here to serve you.


Dena Strasser, Bookstore Supervisor 509-533-7204
Bruce Chesterman, Bookstore Supervisor 509-533-3573
Tina Hansen, Course Materials Buyer 509-533-4126
Monique Stamschror, Course Materials Team 509-533-3262
Ethan Carruth, Course Materials Team  
Store Phone# 509-533-7087
Store Fax#  509-533-8835 
Toll Free# 


Store Address 1810 N Greene Street-MS 2060
Spokane WA  99217